About Me

The art work you see here are all a reflection of my personal life’s journey so far; showing both Colour & Darkness. I’ve lead an extraordinarily colourful life through travel, moving numerous times (still more to come), living overseas, living amongst many cultures, meeting loads of different people both here in Australia & overseas, workforce, & having children etc……..

The darkness that you see comes from the trauma of separation, disappointment, loosing both parents to long agonising illnesses, loss of ones self, suppression, lack of confidence, anxiety, & anger… Emotionally broken.

I chose to pick up my brushes & palette knife again after more than 20yrs & fell in love with my art once again. My paintings began to show my tumultuous mindset; showing a stormy, turbulent & volatile darkness over passionate & intense colours as I painted away the days & nights. Honest & Raw. I enjoy creating colours on the canvas. Love blending them together & watching what evolves as I create. It makes me smile.

My use of black over my colours is my way of expressing my trauma & pain. I chose to do this through the depiction of a tree because of how unique each & every tree is in this world; just like us humans, no one tree is the same, they are all unique in their own right, each with their own flaws & scars.